WWW Wednesday posts are something I’d like to start doing in addition to Top Ten Tuesdays. Hosted by the blog Taking on a World of Words, WWW Wednesdays challenge bloggers to answer three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

While school continues to make a dent in the amount of time I have to read for pleasure, that doesn’t mean it’s stopped me completely! I’ve actually managed to make it through a fair number of books in the past week, thanks to reading a few novellas and shorter works. Let’s get into breaking down what I’ve read and what I plan to read next.

Currently Reading

So, this is an interesting variety. A graphic novel, a historical fiction novel, and a nonfiction ARC about polyamory. Some current thoughts:

  • Monstress has received loads of praise and it deserves every smidgen of it. The art is this spellbinding combination of detailed, lush enivornments, fabrics, and textures combined with subtle and sometimes muted washes of color. The world-building and protagonist are also super intriguing so far.
  • Folks have been shouting about The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo for a while now, and I’m hoping the novel lives up to that praise. I haven’t read much of it, but I admit to flipping through to different pages within the novel right after I got home with my library copy (a bad reader habit of mine), and getting lost in the story’s flow despite not reading it in order. I think it’ll be a winner for me.
  • I’ve heard almost nothing about this nonfiction book about polyamorous relationships, but I admit to requesting it from NetGalley after liking the cover of Polyamorous: Living and Loving More and reading its synopsis. It’s a fairly long read, but as a person interested in polyamory (and especially when it intersects with the LGBT+ community), I was excited to read it. I’m about 80% of the way through and learning quite a bit, especially about Canada’s history with non-monogamous relationships (the author is a Canadian journalist). It’s also been balancing out my fiction reads nicely.

Recently Finished

Lots of witches and themes relating to magic! I’m not surprised. This is kind of the most stereotypical grouping of books one could expect from me to have been reading: a middle grade novel about magic and belonging, some novellas with queer witches, and a fairytale retelling about sisterhood. Hey, I’m not mad.

  • The Witch Boy is, as I said in my mini review for it, “a gentle but exciting exploration of gender stereotypes and belonging, all wrapped up in the trappings of magic, shapeshifters, and burgeoning friendship. Lovely art is the icing on the cake.” It’s really cute and I encourage you to check it out!
  • Darkling is a small-/indie-press M/M witchy novella with a trans main character! I didn’t completely 100% adore everything about it, but I liked its vibe and the possibilities of future stories Ray could tell in this witchy contemporary setting. If you want to check this out, just note that there’s a good bit of explicit consensual sex between the two main characters. I thought it was written well, but I thought it was worth giving notice about.
  • I managed to snag an ARC of The Sisters of the Winter Wood, and BOY HOWDY am I glad I did. I’ll (hopefully) have a review for this one up by Saturday or Sunday, but for now, I’ll just say that I adored this novel and its powerful and well-developed themes about family, self-acceptance, and love. Also, magical shapeshifters and Jewish-Ukrainian folklore are cool as heck.
  • Like with the preceding novella in the series, I liked but didn’t love Undertow, also by Brooklyn Ray. This novella is told from the previous story’s love interest’s perspective. It was similarly witchy, and also definitely had its fair share of sexytimes.

What to Read Next

A couple of these (Lady’s Guide, MoN, and ASoWF) were featured in yesterday’s T10T post, but a couple weren’t. I feel like there’s an interesting spread of genres and moods between these books.

  • Muse of Nightmares is a book I legit have to read as soon as I can. I have an ARC copy, and somehow its publish date has truly snuck up on me (October 2, WHAT). I also want to read it and see if it makes me warm up to the world Laini Taylor has built, as the prior novel, Strange the Dreamer, didn’t fully satisfy me.
  • Contrary to the above book, I absolutely adored The Lady’s Guide‘s prior novel, A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. I’m so stoked to see how Mackenzi Lee develops Felicity as a character in this novel, and I also can’t wait to read about a rad band of ladies sailing the sea.
  • I mentioned in my previous post that I feel terrible for missing the publication date of A Spark of White Fire, despite having an ARC copy of it. I hope to read and review it as soon as I have the chance.
  • I haven’t heard much hype for The Isle of Gold, but hello, that cover is gorgeous. Also, this bit of the synopsis for the book sounds very enticing: “A story where history meets fantasy, The Isle of Gold is an epic, emotional adventure of two women—one desperate to save herself, and the other determined to be rescued—and the secret which binds them together.”
  • Last but not least comes a library loan and a raw contemporary read, Allegedly. Goodreads friends put this one on my radar, and I’m glad they did. I think it’ll be a novel that encourages thinking and talking about it long after reading its closing pages.

Wrapping up

I have quite a number of books to keep me busy in the coming weeks. I hope I’ll be able to make a dent in my TBR pile; I’m going to try to remain optimistic about that despite knowing I have a final paper due this Sunday and another paper due next Wednesday, with final exams after that. I’ll get through it somehow! 💪💪💪

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