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Welcome to my second ever T10T post, and one I’m really excited to make. I’m usually pretty terrible about making TBR lists as I’m a chronic mood reader, but I have quite a few books to read in the coming months because I requested them or purchased them instead of borrowing from the library. (I definitely feel much more pressure to read books as promptly as time allows when they’re ARCs.) So let’s get to listing – and in no particular order, since I want to read all of these pretty much right now.

🌟 Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer #2) by Laini Taylor

Publish date: October 2, 2018

So, I have an ARC of this, and it’s already past mid-September. This book is definitely on the top of my next-to-read priority list. While I liked the prior book in this series/duology, I also had mixed feelings on it (which I dramatically agonized over in my review for it). Despite that, I have hope that this novel will be an improvement on its predecessor – I’ve mostly avoided spoilers, but I also heard whispers that one of my favorite side characters is going to get more nuance and development in this book. Yay! Plus, even if it occasionally frustrates me, Laini Taylor’s writing is truly unique; I can’t wait to see what creative turns of phrase and inventive descriptive passages she’s magicked into being for Muse of Nightmares.

🌟 Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan 

Publish date: November 6, 2018

Also an ARC. Publishers have been really good to me these past few months. The hype for this is REAL, y’all. But you know what? I have a feeling that this book might be the one we need but don’t deserve. A sapphic asian high fantasy book that has a powerful narrative about abuse, justice, and revenge?

S I G N  M E  U P .

I honestly can’t wait to read this. What’s kept me from doing so immediately is the combination of schoolwork, sooner-to-be-published-than-this ARCs, and other family/social obligations I’ve got going on right now. But soon, I will get to read this fantastic-sounding book. SOON.

🌟 The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy (Montague Siblings #2) by Mackenzi Lee

Publish date: October 2, 2018

Another ARC! 😲 I know, I’m surprised, too. The Edelweiss and NetGalley deities have been kind to me lately. If you’ve read my possibly (probably) extra-as-hell review for A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, you’ll know that I absolutely loved it. While Felicity’s internalized homophobia (which, with the time this is set, made sense) was frustrating in that novel, she grew and learned over the course of its story. I am so excited to read about her and a gang of fellow girls having a madcap adventure on the open sea. Since this book and Muse of Nightmares are both going to be published in only a couple of weeks, they won’t remain on my unread list for long – which I’m definitely happy about.

🌟The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air #2) by Holly Black

Publish date: January 8, 2019

To be completely frank, nobody was more surprised than I was when I absolutely loved the first book in this series, The Cruel Prince. I was not at all prepared for it. My review was the word-salad equivalent to the image of me lounging on a velvet divan and wafting smelling salts into my nose because of how dramatic that book was. (I loved every minute of the drama.) While I didn’t think it was The Most Perfect Book of All Time, I thought it was a damn good ride and thoroughly entertaining, which is a totally valid type of experience to expect of a book. I can’t wait to see where Black takes readers in book two of this dramatic as fuck faerie soap opera.

🌟Shadow of the Fox (#1 in a new series) by Julie Kagawa

Publish date: October 2, 2018

I’m very excited to see a book based around Japanese mythology and with an explicitly Japan-inspired setting by an author who is actually of Japanese descent. Some of my fellow white folks (*cough* Jay Kristoff *cough*) have done it before, to really cringe-worthy effect. The premise of this novel sounds super appealing, though, and I’m always a sucker for priestess/temple-raised protagonists, for some reason. I’m hoping it’s gonna be a great read that helps keep building the growing wave of authors of color getting their own voices-inspired stories published. (I have high hopes, too – a goodreads friend of mine had really positive things to say about it.)

Also, that cover is just…super nice. If I like the ARC, it’s a book I might try to fit into my very limited – like, minuscule – physical book purchase budget. (I cried the other day – in a not good way – when I got notified of what my financial aid from my college/the federal government would be for 2018-2019, y’all. I’m a working adult and have been for years now, but college basically takes all the money I’ve scrimped to save, sets in it a big pile, and gleefully lights it on fire while lecturing me about the personal responsibility of managing my money. FUN TIMES. 🙃)

🌟 A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna

Publish date: September 4, 2018

Oops, an ARC that I didn’t read on time. I really feel like a Garbage Person from Stinktown for not reading this prior to its publication date. While school has completely obliterated my former schedule, and I also somehow thought the publish date for this was in October (what), I’m still a dingus for not reading this earlier. Anyway, the blurb for it sounds super awesome:

“In a universe of capricious gods, dark moons, and kingdoms built on the backs of spaceships, a cursed queen sends her infant daughter away, a jealous uncle steals the throne of Kali from his nephew, and an exiled prince vows to take his crown back…Inspired by the Mahabharata and other ancient Indian stories, A Spark of White Fire is a lush, sweeping space opera about family, curses, and the endless battle between jealousy and love.”

Like…wow. This sounds like an utterly unique spin on YA sci-fi. I’m definitely gonna bump this one way up on my TBR list.

🌟 Outrun the Wind by Elizabeth Tammi

Publish date: November 27, 2018

The Huntresses of Artemis must obey two rules: never disobey the goddess, and never fall in love.

A debut novel about sapphic characters and inspired by Greek mythology, this is definitely a title that caught my eye. A couple of my goodreads friends have either slightly disliked it or had only lukewarm praise for it, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go into it with fresh eyes and enjoy it. At the very least, I’m always excited to see more fantasy and mythology-inspired LGBT+ novels being published.

🌟 Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

Publish date: September 5, 2017

This is a novel from last year that I missed. I snagged a copy recently from a discount store, because that cover is divine. (I’m such a sucker for a good book cover.) Anyway, this doesn’t have mega-high reviews on goodreads, but I honestly don’t match up with super high reviews there, anyway (the entire ACOTAR series can attest to that). What appeals to be about this novel is that it seems like an introspective fairytale retelling with complex relationships between female characters – which I’m always down for. Plus, it was described in possibly the weirdest comparison I’ve ever heard of – “Frozen meets The Bloody Chamber.” Like…wow? That’s a very specific and interesting image. I’ll just have to take their word for it.

🌟 This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

Publish date: July 5, 2016

Okay, another book I completely slept on. At this point, Schwab is one of those authors I feel like gets hyped on social media to the point that if her books don’t literally murder me as I read them due to how awesome and mind-blowing they are, it’ll be a letdown. The only novel of hers that I’ve read is (I think) her debut which doesn’t get discussed nearly as much, The Near Witch. I remember it being really atmospheric in a nice, spooky way, but otherwise just thinking it was okay. I gave it 3 stars in 2015, for whatever that’s worth (not much).

I like to reread authors as they publish more books, though, to see how their style has grown or changed. Hopefully this novel will be a pleasant surprise.

🌟 Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Publish date: September 29. 2015

I have also somehow managed to not read this titan of current YA fantasy. Like I said above about Schwab, Bardugo is one of those authors who is so heavily hyped-up that it kind of automatically makes me put my guard up a bit, simply because I’m a difficult and contrary grouch sometimes. (Also because I did not at all enjoy the series this book ties into, the Greg trilogy. I totally don’t begrudge folks liking it, but it hit all the wrong notes for me at the time I read it. I hope fans of that work respect a negative opinion on it.)

Anyway, I’m gonna do my best to not be silly when I read this and to go into reading it with an open mind. It has a lot of fans, and they’ve got to have some sort of reason to love it with such intensity, right?

So, there’s my (hopefully-to-be-completed) fall TBR list! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Do you set TBR lists? If you do, what are some of the reads you have planned for the coming months? Let me know, especially if you’ve read any of the books I listed. 💖

If you want to see more from me, I also post reviews and updates on goodreads, photos on instagram, and sometimes, tweets on twitter. 💕 (Supposedly there’s a bloglovin’ account somewhere in the ether as well, but it’s a bit confusing to navigate as a newbie.)

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Kathy @ Books & Munches

Yes to The Ladies Guide and The Wicked King! I feel like I’ve been waiting AGES for those and can’t wait to read them. I also should start on my ARC of Girls of Paper and Fire because.. well.. with all the hype going on, I feel like I’m missing out on something and I want to be able to join the shouting party, hahaha.

Seems like you have an awesome TBR set – have fun with it! 😀